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Having seen numerous doctors with little success and even less confidence in their ability to help, I almost gave up. Then I met Dr. Centurion and we have successfully achieved numerous milestones over the years that have made a big difference in my life. I am delighted to recommend Dr. Centurion for her numerous competencies, true compassion and genuine care that makes a world of difference.

-John B. on 3/5/2014


I wanted to take this opportunity to advise you of the exceptional results I not only received while working with Dr. Centurion but also the success I had after receiving TMS Therapy. I have been suffering from anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. Up until four years ago I floated from doctor to doctor and drug to drug. My careless behavior cost me my career and most of my friends. Finally, an old coworker told me about Dr. Centurion and how kind and thoughtful she is. I made an appointment for the next day and I have been under her care for over four years. Dr. Centurion is not only an excellent and caring psychiatrist but also a well schooled psychopharmacologist. Dr. Centurion helped me change my life around. I take less medications, and I was able to stop smoking and self medicating. Ten years ago, if you asked me about the future, I’d say I had none and now I’m even planning on returning to work.

-Andrew C. on 3/2/2014


Wonderful doctor! She is extremely caring and takes the time to listen to everything I have to say.  I definitely recommend her for psychiatry.

-Anonymous on 1/12/2014


Dr. Centurion is a warm and compassionate person. I have yet to find such a caring doctor like her. I am so happy I met her. She was able to help me with the right combination of therapy and medications.

- Stacy G. on 11/07/2013

Dr. Centurion is an excellent doctor and I’m please that I found her. She is personable, intelligent, easy to talk to, up on the research and a great psychiatrist. I recommend her highly and without reservation.

-Anonymous patient on 8/29/2013

Dr. Centurion is a warm, insightful and highly present. She is an excellent diagnostician and a compassionate, encouraging therapist.

-Anonymous patient on 6/13/2013

Simply an amazing doctor!!!!! No words can express my appreciation for her help.

-Anonymous patient on 4/4/2013

Dr. Centurion does it right. She listens and cares for her patients as a doctor should. I enjoy coming to see her because I know I will get the help I need. I highly recommend her!

-Kelly T. on 3/17/2013

Dr. Centurion is amazing! She is the right balance of compassion, understanding and common sense. I have had years of difficulty finding the right doctor for me and getting the right cocktail of meds. She has always listened to my own description of how I feel, believed me and worked to find what would help alleviate my symptoms. Highly recommended!

-Anonymous patient 2/13/2013

I think she is a wonderful, intelligent and compassionate doctor. She is very easy to talk to and shows great concern for her patients.

-Anonymous patient on 12/6/2012




Contact Upper East Side TMS


Office hours:
Monday through Friday 9 am - 5 PM.

122 East 82 Street Suite 1B
New York, NY 10028

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